Thursday, December 18, 2008

cord pot

This pot is one of the results of a recent pottery class at the local pottery workshop. I like it and am glad that it survived the attentions of the tutor who tried stamping it while wet with prefabricated manufactured stamps (you know the type I mean!). Have you ever encountered a tutor who tries to be really hands on with your work? It was my first time and I was so surprised! David had the same experience at the same workshop and I thought he was exaggerating but it was true - people really do come over and put their hands on your work and try to manipulate the clay on your behalf. When I came to pick up my pots a few weeks after the course I even discovered that someone (no doubt with the kindest of intentions) had glazed the pots which I hadn't had time to do. It was a huge contrast to other workshops I've potted at and it felt All Wrong. Now that I know how things can operate there I'm going to become more assertive. It's a really lovely place to do pottery and the people are great so I do need to find a way of making sure that I don't feel my work is being interfered with.

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