Tuesday, July 22, 2008

seafloor pot

Hello! Welcome to my burgeoning little blog! I've been planning on doing this for ages - somehow capturing all the things I create before they disappear into the hands of loved-ones, near and far - and here we are! So, to get the ball rolling, here is a pot I made ... I don't know ... ages ago! Probably about four years ago. It's amazing that it has survived this long because over the past four years I've moved house at least eight times. It's a seafloor pot. At the time that I made it I was swimming in the sea every day. I lived on a hill and if I walked along my hillside road and then walked down some very teetering and narrow precarious steps, I would arrive at a lovely little pebbly beach where I would swim. Naturally enough, spending so much time in the sea one starts to notice all the things around ... like the clouds changing, growing and disappearing in the sky (when you're floating on your back) .... and the sand, stones, fish, weeds, and other mysteriously sea-smelly things beneath your feet when you're wading through the water. So this is the result of those sea-swimming days.

When I moved from this sea-swimming place (to another sea-swimming place!) I would walk on the beach every morning before catching my train to work and pick up a shell ... usually a cats-eye ... to deposit in my seafloor pot and now there are many, many shells living in this pottery seafloor home. As you can see, there is also a seahorse living in this pot ... a gift from a friend who loves seahorses and wanted to give me a special gift ... and here she resides! Among the shells in the seafloor.

And that's all for this first, exciting post. More things of a handmade and slightly peculiar nature to follow!

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