Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the many faces of david

When I first met David (great love, father of my child, man of many faces) I painted this picture of him. Later, I found this collection of passport photos and added them - the evolution of my love! When I painted the picture, that was how he looked, but he has changed since. He went through a big phase of experimenting with his facial hair. It lasted weeks. First he shaved off part of his beard so that he had a goatee. That wasn't too bad. Then he shaved off the hair on his chin so he had one of those incredible handle-bar moustaches (which was pretty awful - but attractive in a very quirky kind of way). It was during this period that we held a performance party where he dressed up as a German farm boy; and earlier on in the evening as a geisha - a geisha with a handle-bar moustache. Beautiful!

But then he shaved off the bits that descended down past his lips towards his chin and he was left with a Hitler moustache. Even despite the associations (impossible actually to dispense with), it was Hideous with a capital aitch. I refused to kiss him that week. The awful tickly pricklish patch on his lip seemed to have a life of it's own. But as you can see, David has always been preoccupied with his hair-do.

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