Thursday, August 14, 2008

brown spot pot

As you may be starting to gather from my pottery explorations, I'm not a very exact kind of potter! David came home with a few of his new pottery creations last night and I was amazed by how perfect they were - the attention to detail was incredible. I tend to just throw things together. In the time it takes David to make one thing, I may have made three or four things. This pot was made about two years ago in Wellington. I spent ages applying the glaze, thinking that every colour spot I made would stay where it was when I fired it ... but they didn't! And I ended up with this blurry, faded, version of what I had imagined. But I still liked it, and David liked it even more, so I gave it to him. When I was building this pot I was thinking of this enormous hand-built pot I saw in a pottery book (damn, I just went and had a look for the picture, but it's hiding). It was huge! It was maybe 5 feet tall and all hand coiled. My pot is tiny, and was never going to be tall, but the thought of that other pot is somewhere imbued in it's essence.

These days the brown spot pot sits in the kitchen filled with: two sets of keys, several coloured pencils (blue, red, orange, and green), a one dollar coin, a green ribbon, two plastic pegs (one yellow, one white), a plastic container of sewing pins, a silver bracelet, several nails, a needle, an Allen key, and an I love Hackney badge.

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