Monday, April 11, 2011

Foods from Twenty Lands

 I love old books. Especially ones which have hand-written notes in the margins, and slightly dubious origins. I stumbled over this gorgeous old recipe book at a friend's house recently. I started madly copying out recipes, but there were too many gems, and the book itself is such a treasure, that I had to take it home to ogle at my leisure. Published in the USA in 1924, it's mainly a recipe book but there are all sorts of brilliant hints and suggestions included also.
 How's this for a Household Hint from Ireland: "A special recipe valuable in all homes. Take a gill of forbearance, a pint of submission, twelve ounces of patience, a handful of grace. Mix well with the milk of human kindness, and serve with a radiant smile." Hah! I really think it's wonderful, and hilarious, and perfect. Other Household Hints include instructions for dying faded silk ribbons, and a recipe for wallpaper cleaner.
And then there are some faded, handwritten, recipes pined or glued amongst the pages. This one is for Apple Cake. Other, more unusual, recipes in the book include Roast Raccoon, and American Legion Slum. I'm offering a surprise something in the post for anyone who can draw a picture of what American Legion Slum looks like - or might look like. The mind boggles.

Here's a curious suggestion from California - Nut and Olive sandwiches: Mix 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped fine, with 1/2 cup olives, chopped fine, with mayonnaise, and spread on buttered bread. I'm going to try that one the next time we have mayonnaise in the house.

The Candy recipes have wonderful names like Airy Kisses, Walnut Divinity Fudge, and Heavenly Hash Candy (!).

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