Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye haemangioblastoma

This time last year I was in hospital with a brain tumour the size of a tennis ball. The slightly mad and dramatic video above was made by my slightly mad and dramatic husband (all truly creative people are a bit mad don't you think?). Make sure you have the volume on if you watch it. David made the video by clipping together all my CT scan images. I have no idea who the music is by. The nasty dark area at the back of my head is the tumour (it appears black in some images and white in others). Happily, it is now gone and I don't plan on it coming back. All hail brilliant neurosurgeons! My surgeon was Andrew Parker, a truly wonderful man. If you ever get a brain tumour, get yourself down to Wellington Hospital, and ask for this man to take a look. Not only is he exceptionally good at surgery, but he's also a genuinely kind, friendly, and empathetic person. I imagine it's not that often that a surgeon's bedside manner can be described as such.

Glibness aside, I am so damn happy to be alive, to be healthy, living in a beautiful place, surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you Andrew, thank you my family, and thank you my friends.

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